Therapists in Seattle, WA 98125

Jim Dunn Therapist in Seattle
(253) 271-9689

Seattle, WA 98102

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I have over 10 years of experience in providing therapy to clients who are at this turning point. I am a very non-judgmental and mindful therapist, and I’ve worked with a broad range of people, so I’m able to take an individuali...

Walter McGerry Therapist in Seattle
(206) 364-8315

Seattle, WA 98125

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Stumbling blocks to our conscious intentions are often what bring us to psychotherapy. These stumbling blocks can be used as doorways to a connection with our own unconscious Psyche/Soma (Greek for Mind, Spirit, and Soul/Body). It...

Agnes Forrás & John  McDonald Therapist in Seattle
(206) 367-0756

Seattle, WA 98125

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

For more than 38 years we continue to offer sensible, sensitive and caring help for adult problems of living, including managing problems of thinking, feeling, mood and behavior, improving relationships at home and work, helping clients dis...